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Wednesday - Bible Study
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Thursday - The Edge "Young Adults Group"
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Our Staff
Christopher Battles
About Christopher Battles

Christopher is blessed to have grown up in a Christian home and churches. He wants people to realize that Christianit is about Christ like love. Christians should not be a "Christian dishwasher," but a dishwasher who shows Christ like attributes in his work. His preference is working on things which are more "behind the scenes," although he is learning to step out of that shell a bit.

He enjoys teaching children's churc along with playing with the children in general. He is currently working in such areas as: children's church, the visual media team, the sound team and a few miscellaneous areas. Stepping into actual "leadership" roles has been tough for him, but he is growing and learning a lot from it. VLC has been a huge blessing to him in so many aspects of his life. Much of his spiritual growth and maturity has come from what he has learned from the VLC body, which he has grown to really know and love. He appreciates the realness of the Pastors' and is proud to call them and their family some of his best friends/"adopted" family.