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Our Staff
Emma Eldridge
About Emma Eldridge

Emma Eldridge is a college student who is attending a JC to acquire her AA in "Business General." After acquiring an AA she plans on transferring to "William Jessup University" to acquire a BA in "Business General." She then plans on attending Culinary School.

She plans to use her degree for future ministry endeavors as well as a career in the "Restaurant Business." She believes that ministry is not something you do on "Sundays," it's not something that is only for "Benny Hinn" or "Billy Grahm," but is instead, your day-to-day life, your daily encounters with others, just as Jesus' ministry was. All of us, as followers of Christ, have a ministry, which started the day we came into God's family.

She knows God has a high calling upon her life and is thankful for all that she has learned from being on the VLC Leadership team. She tends to be a "lover" not a "fighter" and says her life motto is to: "Love hard, love long, love always…Love never fails." The number one thing she sees that the Body of Christ is in need of is to have a deeper understanding of what unconditional, Christ-like, love is. It is not going from one extreme to the other, but, having a balance of accountability and grace, and loving people right where they are at and not trying to change them.