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Ministries Outreach
Monica McCauley
KAM = Kingdom Advancement Ministries

KAM is a unique training & equipping ministry which works to actively fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus. Pastor Judy Bauer, the founder of KAM, was given the ministry plan by divine revelation from God, & in the last 10 years it has helped to reap a harvest of souls & train disciples all around the world.

We at Victory Life Church felt that it was a divine appointment when God brought Judy Bauer & the KAM Ministry to us in 2008. Pastor Don immediately caught the vision of this ministry & the Lord had pre-positioned Monica McCauley to head up the program.

Monica McCauley has served & fellowshipped at Victory Life Church since 1999. Fo eight of those years she headed up the children's ministry department & served in leadership, but just one month before Judy Bauer came to us with KAM Monica had passed on her ministries to others in anticipation of a new season in serving. When Judy Bauer shared her testimony of how God had provided the KAM ministry vision, she shared that God had told her to quit all her previous ministry commitments & "rest" for one month before beginning this new endeavor. The parallels between Judy's & Monica's one month of "rest" was confirmation of God's divine timing for Victory Life Church to kick-off the KAM Ministry.

KAM runs in two 18 week semesters during the year; one beginning in August & the other beginning in January. During your 18 week semester you will be fully trained in sharing the gospel, leading people in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, & praying healing over people, but that's only 20% of what you will do in KAM! The other 80% of your time in KAM you will be actually go out for "on-the-job training" visiting, praying over, & discipling people in our community! This truly is the Great Commission in action! It is fun and there is no more rewarding expenditure of your time than doing exactly what Jesus commanded you to do!! Consider joining us next January or August.